Professional SEM Services from Wordnox

How it Works

Our SEM plans entail purchasing ads on major and minor search engines that may be relevant to attract traffic to the kind of service you offer. We coupled it with some SEO techniques to make your ads stand out.

We take productive steps to understand your target group and know exactly what they search for and categorise them based on factors such as age, sex, lifestyle, etc and tailor ads according to their specific needs all to generate quality traffic that maximises the chance of turning each click into a sale while reducing cost.

A good SEM plan is not just about traffic, but quality traffic. Since ads work on pay-per-click methodology, driving unqualified to your website may not provide a better return on investment.


We take into consideration whether the keyword or phrases used in designing your campaigns actually describes the product or service you offer.


We consider how much traffic each keyword is likely to bring and we choose the one which is likely to drive you the most traffic.


The whole is to stand out among your peers, hence our ads are designed to include unique services, special promotions and packages that may be of high interest to your customers, and make you stand out.


Our SEM plans are all custom ones making it easily scalable for any kind of budget, be it a startup or corporation.

What to Expect

As experts in the field, our SEM generates relevant traffic to your products and services when they are needed, and also ensure value for investment.

Why Use SEM?

  • 01. The aim of SEM is to generate qualified traffic to your site and make your product visible in search results. The more traffic you generate to your website, the greater the chances of turning every click into a customer.
  • 02. SEM improves your SEO quality. The more SEM campaigns your run over time, the more the chances of optimising your website’s search engine ranking. Traffic generated to your site is a good ranking factor that allows major search engines to rank your products and services on organic search results.
  • 03. Brand Awareness: Through directing qualified traffic to your website, it creates much awareness of your product which in turn directs people to you when they need that kind of service or product. Brand awareness reduces your long-run cost of advertisements and improves customer relations and network.
  • 04. Cost-Effective: SEM plans can be adjusted to meet any kind of budget, and can be a good way for small and medium businesses to market their products and services, and expect substantial outcomes.

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