Social Media Marketing & Management

The Power of Social Media

Growth of active social media users presents a good opportunity for businesses of all sort to bring their product to clients at their own convenience. The great news is that these social platforms offer the opportunity to segment the target audience in order to design packages that draw qualified traffic to products and services. An organised social media marketing strategy will go a long way in saving you time and energy.

Our Strategy

Our social optimization plan starts with setting and defining goals and standards with which we can measure performance and progress.

Target Audience

We believe a successful Social Media Campaign entails getting to know more about which type of audience you are targeting, which will help in building a bond with them and also tailoring the ads, campaigns or promotions in a manner that will draw their attention to the website and eventually to the products or services you offer. To do this we segment target customers based on. Interest,age ,sex,location,lifestyle,season,. To best serve all types of clients to choose to target.

The Applied Approach

We follow the S.M.A.R.T goal setting principle to achieve the ultimate aim of Returns On Investment (ROI).







Specific: our targets are clearly set and stated and defined

Measurable: we ensure our progress can be quantified which helps our clients to know the relevant effect of the plan to their traffic and progress through, statistics, metrics, projections, number of clients the ads have reached, etc.

Attainable: Through careful consideration, we are able to know and select a strategy which is likely to work for you the most, we ensure the plans are feasible to be achieved within your stated time frame

Relevant: this principle allows us to plan and target the ads and campaigns to the right clients that may need your services the most, it also ensures your ads reflect the actual type of service your business offers.

Time-Bound: This includes ensuring results within a definite or specific time-frame.

Why Choose Our Social Media Marketing Plans.

Successful social marketing encompasses the best of industry practice and a careful strategic plan, that’s what we offer here at Wordnox.

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